"A real discovery for those who love the music full of spirit and truth" - EL ARTE DE LA FUGA

Elevadores EBAM


Elevadores EBAM


Aglae Musica (2016)

A fully appealing recording of a pianist who enters his intepretative maturity”. SCHERZO Magazine

New recording dedicated to the music of Sergei Prokofiev in the 125th anniversary of his birth. This recording is born after the experience of several years working with teachers of the Russian school in New York. Prokofiev’s first war Sonata, Sonata No. 6, an epic piece, turbulent, dramatic, aggressive and unstable, illustrating the conflict of the World War II; with no doubt, one of the most important pieces of the 20th century piano literature. On the other hand, the complete cycle of Visions Fugitives, small character pieces introducing an wide array of feelings, some of them unknown in music before, such as sarcasm and cynicism, traits of one of the most irreverent composers of the 20th century.

Elevadores EBAM

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